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Deposition Video

Subtleties of communication are captured during a videotaped deposition that simply can not be recreated by a third party reading a transcript. Depositions are captured using current digital video technology along with professional audio equipment and can be formatted to your needs (dvd, cd, mpg, mp4, etc...). We then can create clips from page and line designations as well as synchronize video to its transcript.

Independent Medical Examinations

Videotaped Independent Medical Examinations illustrate counsels physician expert analysis while striving to maintain the patients dignity and modesty.

Focus Group / Mock Trial

Review your presentation and the jurors response to key issues in your case.

Multiple camera setups allow us to capture every action and reaction. 

A Day In The Life

Chronicle and convey your clients current condition. Viewers will be compelled with a first hand look into the victims daily struggles with everyday activities, i.e., waking, bathing, grooming, dressing, feeding, medicating, transporting, family interaction and therapy. We can then create a condensed montage and include video and pictures of what they were like before the incident.

Inspection Video

Document the condition of your subject vehicle, product, site or structure during inspection and for the record


Synchronizing video to its transcript allows the user to create designations based on page and line. Videos in sync with their transcript can also be exported to DVD and viewed on a standard TV with the transcript playing as a subtitle track.

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