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Take your case material (demand letter, transcript designations, photos, docs, videos, etc..) combined with your vision and produce effective mediation presentations. Which can Include:

Interactive Multimedia, Large Format Printed Graphics, Video Designations, Exhibit Notebooks, Elmo Document Presenter, LCD Projector, Computer or a Plasma TV

Our staff will create a tailored solution that will deliver your message accurately and concisely from start to finish. Whether your style is hands-on or not you can rest assured that the latest technology, reliable equipment, and experienced technicians are there every step of the way.


Emphasize the value of your argument with visuals that get to the heart of the matter. A digital interactive settlement package provides:

Links to pertinent evidence you specify (photos, videos, testimony, docs). As the viewer reviews they can click on a link and have immediate access to your chosen exhibits.

Yolivan Multimedia also produces booklets that are used in hearings and settlement conferences which provide all parties with a tangible, tabbed, and indexed package containing reproductions of all your selected material.


Our consultants seamlessly collaborate with your legal team to form a sound visual game plan for trial. Some of our services include:

Large format output of timelines, testimony excerpts, graphics, and photos.

Our digital services include:

Syncronized video testimony, IPad integration, on the fly Trial Director database access, multimedia presentations, and all the equipment necessary to convey your message.

Whether for opening, cross, rebuttal, or closing Yolivan Multimedia delivers the visuals to complement your approach.


Demonstratives that are tangible offer your jury a distinct experience. Contrary to computer based imagery, printed enlargements can be displayed for an extended period of time allowing the audience additional moments to digest key data. Yolivan Multimedia specializes in creating customized:

Timelines, Document Enlargements, Demonstrative Graphics, Aerial Maps, Flow Charts, Medical Overlays, Deposition Transcript Call Outs and Photographic Enlargements

From critical reproductions that are handed to the jury to timelines that are ten feet in length with numerous chronological entries, Yolivan Multimedia creates exhibits that are compelling, comprehendible, and cost-effective.

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